Life Designs at InspaceLight Log is a project I’m developing supported by New Media Scotland‘s Alt-w Fund with investment from the Scottish Government. The goal is to design, prototype and build small, low cost, ambient light tracking badges that can easily be worn to record daily light level exposure to make sure you’re getting enough of the bright, shiny, out doors stuff during the day, and not too much of the artificial shiny stuff just before trying to get that much deserved sleep. Great if you are particularly sensitive to seasonal changes in light levels (such as Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Blues), or just want to make sure you’re making the best of your body’s circadian rhythm. The Light Log will synchronise to a desktop/mobile/web app so you can view and track your light exposure from week to week, season to season, in much the same way commercial sports and activity trackers allow you monitor your steps and exercise levels.

First prototype, chocolate wrappers required!

All of the projects source code, hardware schematics, layouts, and test data will be published under Open licenses, so if you’re a creator, maker or interested in getting involved from anything from building your own, designing a case enclosure, or improving the software, you can! I’ll be running several hands-on workshops where you can build and take away your own prototype Light Logger. If you’re in the Edinburgh area, fancy tinkering with some simple electronic wearable tech, and are curious how light and colour might be effecting your mood, get in contact!

My skills are much more on the software, visualisation, and electronics side of things, so if you are – or you know – someone who likes to experiment with jewellery design or wearable accessories it would be great to get your input. There will be plenty of laser cutting and 3D printing goodness for customised enclosures, but there are many more hand craft techniques that I’m sue will work well and allow for personalisation.

Right now, Light Log is experimental code and prototype hardware as you can see from the very first hack built during the Life Designs | Project Ginsberg event at Inspace in April. Yes the chocolates were most definitely essential to the prototype – it was the best hack I could find to make it record in colour…