Citizen Science Show & Tell

Lightlog Project was accepted to take part in The Edinburgh University Citizen Science Show & Tell event (CSCS@ED) held at the National Museum of Scotland. The keynote lecture was given by Dr. Erinma Ochu, with the main exhibit area a busy and bustling four hours of chatting to members of the public and other Citizen Science attendees – many interesting questions, interesting projects, and some great positive feedback.

Many thanks to all those who visited the stand for a chat, and to the Edinburgh University Citizen Science and Crowdsourced Data and Evidence Network for organising a great event.

One Minute Wonder

Lightlog was kindly asked to feature in a “One Minute Wonder” short film for Tech for Good TV, a Nesta supported project documenting people, communities, industries and institutions using technology to create social and civic change.

We arranged for Filmmaker Scott Willis to come along to the Edinburgh Hack Lab where we had a busy afternoon setting up and shooting many of the stages of Lightlog development and assembly. Thanks to the folks at the lab for not minding the disruption while we were filming. A day or two later Scott had edited together the final cut you see below. Thanks Scott! And thanks all who helped make this happen. Hope you enjoy it!

Gastrolab RGB Cocktail Party

RGB Cocktail Party
As part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, LateLab hosted a red, green, blue colour themed cocktail party at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. I was invited to present the opening talk on the effects of light on mood and wellbeing and introduce Lightlog project while the audience were being served a carefully curated range of colour themed cocktails and nibbles to match the talks. If you attended I hope you had a great evening and perhaps even enjoyed a little science!

Thanks to Emilie Baltz, Amanda McDonald, and Mark Daniels for all the event planning and organisation. As usual, Chris Scott took some lovely shots of the evening.

My slides are available here: Light Log RGB Cocktail event

Wearable Futures

Wearable Futures

Wearable Futures is a large two-day event held in London at the impressive Ravensbourne college, next to the O2 dome. With 50 speakers and 300 attendees it was a busy event running dual presentation tracks in parallel for most of each day.

I had the opportunity to present Light Log as part of their wearable health panel, along with speakers Duncan Fitzimons, Kuniharu Takei, Ivor Williams, and chair Nic Howell. Kuniharu had a particularly leading edge area presentation covering smart bandages, where he is researching and prototyping smart materials that act as joint sensor, display, and are capable of releasing drug treatments when needed (diabetes being one of the early target conditions being investigated).

The Light Log Wearable Futures Presentation had a 10min slot in the panels discussion, followed by audience and panel member question and answers. The discussion panel’s time seemed to race past very quickly – it would have been great to have longer for audience questions – so thanks to all those of you who came up and caught me after the discussion panel to talk about Light Log!

Case Studies in Design Informatics

Design sketches

Professor Jon Oberlander, of the School of Informatics at Edinburgh University, kindly invited me to present Light Log as a case study to his design informatics group. The presentation, Light Log Case Studies in Design Informatics, is more detailed in nature, covering some of the background research material, prototype hardware, software, user interface, and design goals to date.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Hello Aberdeen!! I had the chance of visiting Aberdeen to attend the Northern Lights Conference 2013 in the beautiful King’s College in October. It was a full day conference covering seven speakers; Hadi Hariri on tooling and legacy code; Kendall Miller beyond local debugging; Sarah Drummond working with local government; Kate Stone on her work developing interactive print techniques; Maria Gutierrez building the right tool; Niall Merrigan on giving presentations; Glenn Hendriksen on leading without having formal authority.

One afternoon breakout slot was left open by the organisers for conference participants to propose talks and split into four rooms to discuss a chosen topic. A group of roughly 20 split off to discuss the Light Log project, many thanks to all those who participated, it was great to chat with you all!

The discussion started around Seasonal Affective Disorder and Winter Blues, but soon ranged into the type of sensor data that could be of use (UV, infra-red, motion, temperature), data security, and other possible uses of light data recordings such as approximate user geolocation based on sunrise/set times, and user to user proximity based on correlating similar environmental lighting events.