Solar Eclipse

Edinburgh, Scotland, Solar Eclipse Friday 20th March 2015

This time last week the Earth arrived at its vernal equinox where some of us in the Northern Hemisphere were treated to a rare Solar Eclipse as a Super Moon drifted in-front of the Sun. In a lightly cloudy Edinburgh, Scotland, we managed a 95% partial eclipse revealing a beautiful crescent.

At the same time as I was taking this photo, a south facing prototype Lightlog was quietly sitting on a window shelf enjoying a lovely day’s worth of light data including its own view of the very same eclipse.

The first image below shows a spectrum visualisation of the received light; the image below that is an enhanced colour version using the same data. Notice how the blue day light desaturates around 9:35am as the Moon’s disk (almost) covers the Sun.

Spectrum visualisation on day of Solar Eclipse

Enhanced colour (scaled saturation) visualisation

The ‘spikes’ in the data are caused as the day’s partial cloud cover drifts over the sun, a clear blue day (as viewed from this stationary Lightlog’s south facing window position) would show a beautiful smooth arc between sunrise and sun set.