Autumn Equinox

Here in Scotland the days have been growing noticeably shorter as Autumn approaches. Today, September 22nd, at about quarter to 9pm, the Earth will reach that special place in its orbit where the Sun passes over the equator. With Scotland’s latitude is between 54ºN and 60ºN, the diagram below shows that from this point on until March 20th 2014, our day light hours will be shorter than our nights. For those of us sensitive to the ever shortening amount of light it is important to make the most of the available sun and resist an ancient urge to hibernate. The Autumn Equinox is here!

Daylight hours vs. latitude vs. time of year

Lothian Mental Health and Wellbeing

Clicking, Connecting, Making it Happen

In September I presented Light Log at the ‘Clicking, Connecting, Making it Happen!’ event organised by the NHS Lothian’s Strategic Planning Mental Health and Wellbeing team. It was a lively and friendly event, well attended by clinicians, the third sector, and those working in mental health organisations.

The slides from my NHS Lothian presentation are a mostly visual deck walking through the Light Log research, goals and prototype work so far, and were followed by a good number of Q&As from the attendees. One interesting use case raised was that Light Log could be helpful to patients on drug treatments that trigger light-sensitive conditions.

Many thanks to Kirstin Leath for running such a well organised event!

Clicking, Connecting, Making it Happen